CCA Lisbon

Reinventing the Lawyer’s Office for the 21st century

Architecture / Interior Design

• Design Concept
• Construction Drawings
• Specifications

Reuse and Repurpose 

This project represents the creation of a modern functional workspace for one of Portugal’s top law firms inside an industrial building in the harbour area of Lisbon.

The principal challenges of the project centred around the creation of carefully considered areas of focus, collaboration and interaction inside a tall open-plan warehouse space. 

Modular and Flexible Conversion

How to create comfort inside a hard shell of a building?

How to strike the balance between requirements of professional formality and a desire for a more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere?

How to transform the constraints of a structure into design opportunities?

The project is a resolution of these dialectics with a careful mix of fixed and modular elements to give longevity and flexibility to a highly dynamic team of professionals looking to project and embody their transformative image in their industry.


• App Design & Development
• Backend Development

Effective Functionality

The mobile app development for Heden’s coworking spaces focuses onto the usability and enjoyment of shared flexible workspaces through the application of simple but effective digital functionality closely connected to the strong and established design language of the brand.   

Seamless Digitally Enhanced Space Experience

The clean interface, developed based on substantial quantitative and qualitative research, is aimed at promoting engagement with the brand and providing users with informative, joyful and seamless experiences, navigating between the digital and spatial experiences.