We take an Experience First approach with a transformative Digital Philosophy

What we do

We create inspirational and highly functional (work)spaces
for your organisation by applying hands-on problem solving
and international best-practice design methodologies.

We work with companies and organisations of all sizes to help
define and deliver their real estate strategies and realise their
mission and potential through an empowered workforce in
high quality physical and digital environments.

Integrated Strategic Advisory

• Real estate portfolio life-cycle strategy
• Portfolio data systems & management
• Sustainability strategy formulation

We believe that now more than ever, smart, thoughtful, sustainable high quality workspaces will form a large component of the future of work and will be a vital part of the success of innovative and forward-looking companies.

We develop strategic plans to help your organisation navigate the new normal and provide practical solutions to your real estate and workspace needs. We take a 360 degree approach to understanding your company’s culture and objectives and tailor our scope and activities to each client’s specific requirements.

Digital Space Experiences

• Digital user app development
• Digital CRE management / FM platforms
• Digital integration & implementation

The utilisation and experience of spaces and facilities can be greatly enhanced and optimised through the well considered and intentional  application of digital systems and tools.
Our solutions combine our expertise in digital user experience with our deep understanding of physical space utilisation and facility management concepts.
We take a pragmatic approach to finding the right mix between digital and spatial design solutions and their applications. We develop and deploy the most appropriate systems, processes and support to help your employees and your company make the most of its facilities through digital tools.

Data Driven Space Planning

• Covid-19 space planning response
• Access, circulation & occupancy analysis
• Daylighting & air quality analysis

The bedrock of flexible and high performance (work)spaces is
the systematic and methodical application of well defined zoning, circulation and way-finding principles - whether applied to a single space or to an entire global portfolio.

We utilise the most advanced tools and methodologies for delivering space plans that have longevity through performance and enhanced functionality, taking into account principal environmental design factors such as daylighting and internal air quality, as well as the creation of a collaborative (work)space.

Architectural Design Services

• Concept and detail design development
• Construction drawings & specifications
• Sustainable design solutions

We are designers and doers - besides being thinikers and strategists. The roots of our company lie deep in the fields of architectural and interior design.

We are experts at the design and construction of comfortable, collaborative high-performance workspaces. Our principals have over the years worked on  projects across the globe for companies such as Google, Waze, Red Bull, Saatchi & Saatchi, Nike to deliver world class spaces where innovation thrives.

Why we do it

Modern businesses don’t want an office - they want a
productive workforce working in safe, secure, flexible and
ultimately productive environments.
We help you envision, create and run modern and effective
(work)spaces that fit your company’s culture and objectives.

How we do it

We find elegant solutions to complex organisational and spatial
problems and craft physical and digital strategies that enable teams to
focus on their work and thrive in safe, healthy and joyful environments.
We do this through advanced design, real estate and facility
management platforms, with a systemic approach.